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                  PRESIDENT: DAVID TILSON

                                                AUGUST 2017

    No 547


            SEPTEMBER 2017                                    OCTOBER 2017


    4 Council meeting                                 2 Council meeting

    6 Business meeting                              4 Business meeting

  13 Speaker by Philip Heath                  11 Speaker by David Rowe

  20 Open Meeting                                  17 Visit to Milton Hall

  23 & 24 Sedan Chair Racing & Worm charming      

                                                                18 Speaker by Philip Heath

  27 Speaker by Michael Thompson       25 Speaker by Tony Hewitt

                                                               27 Bowling at RAF Wittering


The meaty bit of Council and Business meetings was the nomination of District officers and District Governor for 2020 – 2021: talk about wishing one’s life away! Anyway with that safely sorted it was a pleasure to welcome Helen Walton who was John Hawkins’ speaker on the 9th August. We were jealous about the heat wave in Europe, having endured torrential rain and low temperatures (anyone for a hot water bottle?) but the sunshine that hit us with gale force 10 was Helen’s delivery on Leprosy, its history, its curse and its treatment.



In 1874 the Reverend Wellesley Bailey and his wife effectively founded the leprosy mission to look after the numerous people who had literally been cast out of their communities and completely ostracised. Helen emphasised that leprosy is the least catching of contagious diseases and said it is caused by a germ: it does not just happen and is not transferrable by touch, as graphically shown by the late Princess Diana when sitting with patients in hospital.

The good news is that the introduction of Multi drug therapy (MDT) 1982 paved the way in reducing the prevalence and in curing the diseases to a considerable extent.

Ignoring an IT glitch, Helen went on to describe the project at the hospital in Purulia, West Bengal. Currently the A&E department cannot cope with the 300 people who appear daily for help and treatment so a complete revamp and extension is required. Inundated with very relevant questions, which proved she had had an attentive audience, Helen proved her points had hit home, emphasising the need for sanitation, nutrition but above all awareness and love.

John Hawkins thanked Helen for her passionate presentation and wished her well in her imminent adventures in Niger – the club will be looking forward to updates next year.


The open meeting on the 16th heard that the final arrangements are coming together on what will be our last export of books and sewing machines to Sri Lanka, sterling work having been undertaken in the packing by our friends at Cummins and the Hawkins family, plus refreshments from Micky Venn. Michael Thompson has secured a visit to Milton Hall at 2.15pm on Tuesday 17 October with lunch to be taken beforehand at Milton Golf Club.

Many thanks to Linda for this picture, the appropriate comment being


W O W !!!


Wednesday the 23rd was another red letter day for the club because Pam Norwood became the first new member of the Rotary year and also our third lady member, seen here being congratulated by President David.



If you did not know where you were in 1960, Norman Bonnor certainly did – Philip Dawson’s guest treated us to a fascinating and entertaining talk on his time with our nuclear V force aircraft, the Vulcan, the Valiant and the Victor.


Describing the different weapons involved and the (ever decreasing) minutes of readiness before terrible decisions would be made, Norman made members aware just how close we could have been to a worldwide disaster. In thanking him for his talk, Peter Dodworth mentioned the history of atomic weapons and Norman’s amazingly good explanation of the political situation at the time.

he last Wednesday of this month was the Ladies lunch at Northwick Arms Ketton, a venue not visited before but where a select group of members, Inner Wheelers and guests were looked after very well and the animated company made up for the disappointing weather – President David brightening the day with a joke that produced much laughter – things are looking up.


They arrived too soon for tea, but just look at the transformation in our Sedan Chair ladies !


HUGE thanks go to Linda and Annette for this brilliant piece of work.

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